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The Best of Dark MUFF Halloween Fundraiser

Dark MUFF Noir

Saturday, October 25, 2014 @ 8PM

BAR POPULAIRE (6584 St-Laurent, corner St-Zotique)
Suggested donation: $5 to $10

Ghoulish experimental forms are getting out of the their underground basement for this special DARK MUFF NOIR screening! The two-part programme presents some of the most dread-filled mix of underground and experimental horror shorts from MUFF's nine-year history, as well as a new film by a local artist. Through a fevered selection of MUFF's archives, such as "Midnight Dread" programme and beyond, we are showcasing local and international works from artists who have indulged in dark cinematic alchemy. The works pulsate with the most visceral experiences of corporeality and synaesthesia, and take us to uncanny spaces of uncertainty and anxiety. Expect a touch of the funhouse and the carnivalesque mixed with creeping flesh, sinful lust, and rebellious transmogrification.

This is a onetime MUFF event that you will not want to miss!

Jaimz & Karen Asmundson; Zoe Brown; Enrico Casagrande; Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani; Sandy Depretz; Vincent Diderot; Éric Falardeau; Anne Golden; Jessica Joy; Heidi Phillips; Lamathilde; Guy Maddin; Katarzyna Plazinska; Jean-Daniel Scheider & Gregory Bindschedler & Ausonio de Sousa; Joshua Yates; and Aaron Zeghers.



MUFF celebrates and promotes low-budget filmmakers who challenge the limitations of mainstream cinema, making the world a more exciting, engaging place to live.

We showcase inventive filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of independent film. We encourage experimental work that is radical, visionary, subversive.

MUFF is a small, dedicated collective of programmers in search of creative moving image work featuring any experimental combination of narrative, non-narrative, documentary, animation, sound, style, performance.

We are looking for films that highlight the power of the paracinematic to disrupt the status quo—deviant work, unafraid to challenge and enrich the spectator’s relationship to the everyday and to the medium itself.

MUFF is committed to the idea that some of the most unique and critical voices are those that come from the margins—artistic, social, cultural, political. Expose your vision to MUFF!

“I've never bought that cliché that you should never take people out of the narrative, take people out of that dramatic illusion. I'm more of a person who loves his grandmother. I'm thinking when a grandmother sits at the foot of your bed and tells you a bedtime story, you get absorbed into the story, you notice her style of telling a story. Some parts you should tell badly, other parts charmingly. You're totally sucked into the story. You've been scared, moved, engaged, and then every now and then you notice your grandmother has a dental whistle or a nose hair or that she's getting pretty wrinkly and that she's sitting on your foot, and then you go back into the story. I'm one of those filmmakers that likes to show the grandmother.” — Guy Maddin