Digital Breakdown | Dégradation numérique

Friday, May 19th  | Vendredi, 19 Mai – 7:30pm  (43 minutes)

6029a ave. du Parc (corner Van Horne)

Programmers:  Karina Mariano and Annaëlle Winand

Abrasive colours on the weird side of technology. Disappearing characters and the birth of the contemplative machine. Digital Breakdown offers a gradation through textures and mediums.

Des couleurs agressives du côté bizarre de la technologie. Des personnages qui disparaissent pour donner naissance à une machine contemplative. Dégradation technologique offre une progression graduelle à travers les textures et les supports.

Stuff As Dreams
Guli Silberstein
United Kingdom, 2016, 05:52, English

Puerto Rico Tautología (14 Dubs High)
Rob Feulner
Canada, 2016, 06:58, English, distributor: Vidéographe

We Are the Way We are Because Nature Will Allow It
Charlotte Clermont and Alain Lefebvre
Japan/Canada, 2016, 07:14, no dialogue

The Grounding
Greg Penn
Australia, 2017, 03:42, no dialogue

Signal V
Steffen Levring
Denmark, 2016, 07:40, no dialogue

Sonya Stefan
Annuaire (Draft # 7)
Canada, 2015, 2 :56, no dialogue, distributor: GIV

Your Cage is Ready
Kit Young
USA, 2017, 04:22, English

Eternal Craving of neon Limbic Climax
Frédérick Maheux
Canada, 2016, 03:42, no dialogue


Image: Eternal Craving of Neon Limbonic Climax (Frédérick Maheux)